Petra Guess-Gierthmühlen


Resin Matrix Ceramics

Aesthetic demands but also restorative needs in the anterior and posterior dentition have changed dramatically within the last decades. Innovative resin matrix materials and hybrid ceramics were recently developed and add novel treatment options in CAD/CAM prosthodontics. The rationale of these material systems are to combine the advantages of polymers, which are not brittle, with ceramics resulting in superior esthetics. The material specific high edge stability enables milling of thin margins that could so far not be milled from all-ceramic materials. Moreover the shock absorbent properties are particularly advantageous for implant restorations.
The advancements in resin matrix ceramic systems, digital restoration planning and fabrication enable the development of innovative treatment concepts for the rehabilitation of severely compromised dentition. Novel CAD/CAM applications offer a standardized manufacturing process, resulting in a reliable, predictable and economic workflow. The lecture will present case series and the scientific evidence pertaining to the clinical success of CAD/CAM resin matrix ceramic materials as well as digital restorative technologies.
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