Stefan Schunke


The Peter Schärer Honorary Treatment Planning Session
Saturday – 11:30 – 13:00

Curriculum Vitae

1980 Dental technician graduation
1987 published several papers on the waxing up technique and milling technique with functional aspects
1988 Examination of the Master degree in Düsseldorf
1989 Partner and owner of the laboratory of M.H. Polz sr.
1991 Awarded the “Pfannenstielpreis” for previous publications
1993 Instructor for the occlusal function and morphology at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt
1997 Single owner of the afore mentioned laboratory published book for gold casting (VNM)
1999 Helped to develop the milling machine S3 from the company Schick
2002 “Publishing the book „function in or out“ by Quintessenz in Japanese language.
Membership of the „German association for aesthetic Dentistry e.V. (DGÄZ). ”
2003 “I was certificated from the German society of aesthetic dentistry (DGÄZ) and I got the title –specialist of aesthetic dental technique.
Elected to vice-president of this society (DGÄZ).”
2005 I published several milling book
2006 “Awarding of the first place of the –creative Circle Award 2006- by Nobel Biocare
Re-elected to vice-president of the DGÄZ,
Editorial member of the Quintessenz dental technology”
2014 Active Member of the EAED