George Eliades


The Metal-Free Bonded Restorative Materials of the Future: What are their Limits?
Friday – 14:30 – 16:40

Curriculum Vitae

George Eliades graduated from the University of Athens, School of Dentistry in 1982 and earned his Doctoral Degree from the same University in 1985. He received his postgraduate education in Biomaterials at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). For 12 years he served as Head of the Quality Control Laboratory of the Greek Notified Body for Medical Materials and Devices. In 2000 he joined the University of Athens, School of Dentistry. Currently he is Professor, Director of the Department of Biomaterials and Dean of the School. He has given more than 400 presentations at national and international conferences, authored 210 papers in peer-review journals, 18 chapters in textbooks and he is co-editor of three international books. He is member of the editorial board of 4 international journals, reviewer in more than 30 international journals and participates in several scientific societies and groups. His work has been honored with 11 international awards including the 2005 IADR Wilmer Souder Award, considered as the highest distinction in the field of dental materials. His research interests are focused on the characterization of interactions between material surfaces and tissues.