Christian Stappert



Synopsis: The evolution of dental ceramics has revolutionized our ability to restore patients. Due to their preferred optical and biological properties, all-ceramic materials assessed to be an ideal prosthetic component to fulfill the requirements of tooth- and implant-supported restorations. Yet, the rapidly changing face of new material developments and techniques today, presents us with an ever expanding armamentarium to meet the challenges presented to us in restorative dentistry, which can be quite overwhelming at a time. Does ‘new’ really means ‘better’?
An interdisciplinary approach, sound knowledge and awareness of new ceramic materials are essential if we strive for good function and esthetic harmony with long term predictability. This presentation will shortly review the main aspects in ceramic selection like: Metal Ceramic vs All Ceramic, Monolithic vs Conventional Ceramics, Zirconia vs Glass Ceramic, acid-treated Ceramics vs not acid-treated Ceramics, and Chair-site Ceramics vs Laboratory fabricated Ceramics. A better understanding of the preferred clinical application for each restorative ceramic system might enhance the individual success rate significantly.
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